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Robin McGauley

Wisdom of Letting Go Necklace - 18.5 inch chain

Wisdom of Letting Go Necklace - 18.5 inch chain

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A necklace to remind you that the practices of mindfulness, presence, listening and love are all a part of wisdom. These practices require letting go. 

My meditation teacher recently said “Don’t hold on to wisdom”. It felt profound and totally mirrored what was transpiring for me in my studio practice as I made this necklace.

I wanted this piece to feel ancient and weathered. I wanted to capture that feeling, the paradox, the sad elation that comes with working with uncertainty. Every moment completely falls away and over time life can become a mounting pile of loss. Surrendering to this, entering the flow of life and the unfolding of each new moment, brings with it a particular experience of freedom. Wisdom arises in each new moment for each new moment. I want to live trusting in this.

So, I cut the pattern found in the centre of the labyrinth in Chartres Cathedral in France in sterling silver, soldered it to a back plate and domed the form. It was a huge risk then to take my torch to the silver to melt it just slightly. Seeing where gemstones fit into the spaces that were created was playful and satisfying. 

This one of a kind necklace features a pendant in sterling silver with two pink rubies set in fine silver. The bail and the jump rings that attach the chain to the pendant are 10 karat gold. There is a 6cm length of handmade chain (I love making chain) in sterling silver on one side. The chain closes with my handcrafted hook clasp.  

sterling silver
fine silver
10 karat gold

Chain - 18.5 inches long
Pendant - 3.1cm wide by 3.7cm long
Rubies - 6mm by 4mm and 5mm by 6mm

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