Robin McGauley

Silver. Spirit. Social Change.

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I just received my earrings from the Compassion collection and I am speechless! They were beautiful in the photos but they are so much more in person! The detail is exquisite and even the tiniest feature is beautifully and thoughtfully crafted. Opening the box is, in itself, a gift. Even the packaging speaks to the gift of self that went into the creation of the earrings... They do really feel like a piece of myself has come home.

Diane S.

Robin has a beautiful spirit that shines all around her, and those who are lucky enough to wear a piece of her art get to feel a little piece of Spirit with them all the time, ... and that is a beautiful thing!

Michelle D.

Robin’s jewellery pieces are works of art that reflect her harmony with the natural world as well as the spiritual realm. When I wear Robin’s jewellery, I sense her prayers and ponderings. Each day as I put on my “be still and know” bracelet I’m offered a reminder and opportunity to do just that.

Amy C.

I like to call Robin my personal silversmith. I very much appreciate the craftpersonship of each piece, but more importantly, the care she takes to personalize her work, and her obvious love of the natural world.

Susan L.