Hi, I'm Robin!

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Robin has a beautiful spirit that shines all around her, and those who are lucky enough to wear a piece of her art get to feel a little piece of Spirit with them all the time, ... and that is a beautiful thing!

Michelle D. London, Ontario

In 2018 Robin crafted a necklace for me that was meant to represent where I come from. When it was finished, she wrote a short reflection to go with it that spoke so truthfully to who I was aiming to be. I was surprised and awed by it. My necklace is now many things - a beautiful piece of art, a representation of where I am from and who I hope to become, and of course, it holds the story of how we need one another in order to see the truth of our lives. 

Wendy C. Toronto, Ontario

I refer to Robin as my personal silversmith. I have purchased quite of few items and really enjoy wearing them. The compliments from other people are just a bonus! The craftspersonship in each piece is excellent.

Susan L. Toronto, Ontario

Robin’s jewellery pieces are works of art that reflect her harmony with the natural world as well as the spiritual realm. When I wear Robin’s jewellery, I sense her prayers and ponderings. Each day as I put on my “be still and know” bracelet I’m offered a reminder and opportunity to do just that.

Amy C. Toronto, Ontario

What I appreciate the most in Robin’s artistry is the depth of her spirituality expressed through each item she crafted/created.
Each artwork began with a story. Each piece is accompanied by its story. Each piece reminds me of how the gift of her story continues to intertwine with my story ...
Each piece accompanies the receiver’s journey as s/he/they cherish the artwork.

Richard C. Brampton, Ontario

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