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Robin McGauley

Viriditas Necklace with Peridot

Viriditas Necklace with Peridot

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The word 'viriditas' was made up by Hildegard of Bingen, a midaeval mystic and artist.
It means 'greening power'.   
She celebrates the link between the green lushness of the earth and the creative energy that flourishes in everything and everyone. 

This necklace is hand-fabricated using ancient silversmithing techniques in my beautiful home studio. It's my sanctuary. 

The pendant features a rose cut peridot cabochon set in fine silver. 
10 karat gold surrounds the vibrant stone. 
The chain is sterling silver and closes with my handcrafted hook clasp.  

sterling silver
fine silver
10 karat gold
peridot cabochon

The peridot cabochon is approximately 7mm wide by 9mm long. 
The pendant measures 1.5cm wide and 2.1cm long. 
The chain is 19 inches long. 

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