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Robin McGauley

Spirit of Play Earrings

Spirit of Play Earrings

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Fun-loving and spirit-filled! These earrings were created in the spirit of play.

"There is a mystic in every one of us, yearning to play again in the universe".
~ Matthew Fox

"Without keeping play alive, adults become ill at ease with goalless activity and tend to play very little. This is why mystics like Meister Eckhart insist that we learn to “live without a why, love without a why, and work without a why.”… Play takes us to realms that are preconscious and prejudgment…. In play, our imaginations not only get refreshed, they also get set up to connect with new and untried possibilities. Play is the mother of surprise. Surprise is a sure sign of Spirit at play, Spirit at work.” - Matthew Fox

These handcrafted earrings feature a textured sterling silver circle interrupted by dainty, jingly, twisty details - also in sterling silver.   
The post on the back of the earrings is sterling silver. 

The earrings are 1.4cm wide and 1.7cm at their longest point.   

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