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Robin McGauley

Shekinah - Dangle Earrings with Raw Diamonds

Shekinah - Dangle Earrings with Raw Diamonds

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'Shekinah' is the Hebrew word for spirit and 'dwelling'. It is incredible that divine loving presence in ancient Hebrew is a feminine concept.
To dwell with the divine is to dwell in this ancient love. 

These earrings also evoke a connection to cosmic energy and to the expanding of the universe.
Wear these earrings to be reminded of the ancient love from which all life came. 
Wear these earrings to remember that your life is held in this divine presence. 

These earrings were hand-fabricated using ancient silversmithing techniques in my home studio in Kitchener, Ontario. 

They have two elements. The top piece is a hollow form bauble fused in sterling silver. The bottom piece is a textured circle in sterling silver with a fine silver setting featuring a square raw diamond. 

sterling silver
fine silver
raw diamond

The earrings hang 4cm long - measured from the top of the earring hook. 
They are 11mm at their widest point. 
The raw diamonds are 3mm square. 

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