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Robin McGauley

Luna & Aurora Post Earrings in Silver

Luna & Aurora Post Earrings in Silver

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“The moon is a powerful reminder that we can be beautiful no matter how much of ourselves we choose to bare. That we can be cherished even when we change-when we regress and when we grow. That each of our phases are worthy, but we are at our most remarkable (unforgettable) when we are full and wholly ourselves.” - Becca Lee

Luna speaks to me of rhythms and cycles and the unfolding of time. 
Sometimes bright, sometimes fully dark, the penumbral light of Luna is a beacon of hope in every night. 
When we notice that life is made up of constant change, we can surrender ourselves to this reality. 
We are life that longs for life - and to be alive is to enter constantly into the newness that waits patiently to be born. 
Luna reminds me that I can accept my darkest nights because the cycle of life reveals itself as trustworthy.

“One of the most sacred duties of one’s destiny is the duty to be yourself.” - John O'Donohue

In Roman mythology Luna and Aurora are sisters. 
I named the the tactile length of chain Aurora. 

Aurora is the goddess who announces the dawn.
She flies in her chariot across the sky before the sun.
A mist of stars unfolds behind her.
She spreads flowers as she goes.
Each day begins with the beauty of her celebration.

She invites us to contemplate new beginnings and to adopt a posture of openness to possibilities. Together, Luna and Aurora encourage us to celebrate newness that is born in each and every moment. 

These earrings are hand-fabricated using ancient silversmithing techniques in my home studio in Kitchener, Ontario.  
They feature textured crescent moons on posts made in sterling silver and tactile sterling silver chain dangling beneath. 

The earrings measure 3cm long and 1.2cm at their widest point.   

Sterling silver

*Please note that these earrings are made to order which means that the pair I make for you will be unique and will not match exactly the images here. 

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