The Expansive Possibility of Saying YES!

The Expansive Possibility of Saying YES!

Waiting behind every ‘NO’ is the expansive possibility of a ‘YES’.

This is what I have been working on integrating into my being lately.
We absolutely need to say no in order to create boundaries.
And, what is often left if we dwell in the ‘no’ is a sense of nothingness.

Are you able to say ‘no’? - this is no longer the question I am asking myself.

What ‘yes’ will open before you by saying ‘no’? - this is what I am focusing on.

By saying ‘no’ to needing to be seen on social media, 
I am saying ‘yes’ to seeing my true self.

By saying ‘no’ to a possible social engagement, 
I am saying ‘yes’ to a time of connection with what I might truly need.

By saying ‘no’ to mindless snacking,
I am saying ‘yes’ to feeling healthy.

By saying ‘no’ to all the ways that I participate in grind culture,
I am saying ‘yes’ to a life of wholeness, joy and true fulfillment.

What YES is waiting for you?
What NO might you have to make in order to achieve the YES?

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