How to Grieve

How to Grieve

Walk to where the willow hangs green
over the bank of a moving river.
Create a space to sit and listen
to the echoes of yesterday.
Stay through the night until you hear
the invitation of tomorrow.

by Robin McGauley


Loss is a given in life.
Finding healthy ways to process grief is really important.
I spend lots of intentional time with my grief
- noticing when it is present and being with it.
I imagine myself comforting my grief like it is a small child
- calm, comforting words, rocking motion to soothe.
My grief, when I truly listen to it and am present with it,
teaches me many things.
Loving kindness, compassion and the ability
to discern what is actually important in this lifetime.
I have been amazed to notice that
the deeper the well of grief within me the more capacity I have to love.

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