A Blessing for the Passage of Time

A Blessing for the Passage of Time

A Blessing for the Passage of Time

When you pause and notice the passage of time,
may gratitude grow within you for all the experiences
that have shaped your place in the here and now.

When the passage of time seems too quick,
may you turn to seek the joy that your soul longs to inhabit.
May the busy doing of life make way to the slow unfolding of being.

When you begin to feel the effects of aging,
may you seize the opportunity to develop
your capacity for compassion.

When you reflect on your life,
may you look back with soft eyes of non-judgement
in order to forgive.
May you have the courage to attend
to the memories that elicit shame.
Wrap them gently in compassion.
These experiences have shaped your beauty
and deepened your soul.
They are the gateway to the gift of transformation.

When you recognize within yourself a longing for change,
may you learn to listen to that which you resist.
What you have closed yourself to
can reveal the answers to questions you didn’t know you had.
This is the key to healing.

With each passing day, may wisdom expand your imagination
and may wonder claim your mind.
May you always be open to new possibilities.
May you soften into humility
and embody the freedom that comes
when you awaken to realize the vast insignificance
and the incredible precious wonder that it is to be alive.

by Robin McGauley

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