The Gift of Uncertainty

The Gift of Uncertainty

I have been holding a question – a wondering.
Asking questions and listening for answers - it’s what I am invited to do by the one who, I believe, is the Inviter.

I believe that wondering is an opening for the Divine.
It’s the gateway to spiritual growth.

So, for the past few days, the question that has been resting in me is
‘what new spiritual practice is needed now?’.

I rested in the not knowing.

This is the task – to be in the question.
I dwell in the longing for an answer until it’s as if I belong to the question – until the answer no longer matters. Surrender to silence. Accept the unknowable.

My spiritual life has revealed to me that not knowing is the only way to encounter the one who is complete mystery.
It is in the uncertainty that an answer comes.
Not knowing leads to knowing.

The answer is that I already know the answer.
I have already practiced what is required of me now.

The practice is not ‘new’.

I know how to practice being in silence.
I know how to surrender to uncertainty and to thrive in the freedom of mystery.

The pause after the exhale – this is where the practice invites me to dwell.

The practice is to grow in capacity to find the empty space of mystery to be comfortable – even comforting.

There is great opportunity in trusting the mystery of uncertainty.

This is my practice. My spiritual life is built on trusting the gift of uncertainty.

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Wonder-filled reflection, Robin. Thank you for your permission to use this reflection for St. Paul’s United Church’s home worship service in this time of COVID-19 pandemic. Peace, Richard

Richard Choe

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