Dust on Ash Wednesday

Dust on Ash Wednesday

Dust to all that is wrong
Dust to my participation
Dust to what I need to unlearn
Dust to my white fragility need for culture of humility
Dust to my critical judgements that reveal my own wounded need for healing
Dust to the shame response shrinking me to invisibility
Dust to my not doing enough, not speaking up, not reaching out
Dust to the hurt that bubbled over and became the mess that tore us apart
Dust to my overworking, goal oriented, overachieving, busy, busy, busy, too busy for meaningful connection, busy as a way to keep you at a distance, business.
Dust to systemic systems that systematize the permission for entitled bad behaviour
Dust to the thought I just had that I am so clever
Dust to our mind-numbing, Netflix watching, Sabbath wilderness needing avoiding, chocolate, coffee, drug of choice consuming, body, mind, spirit blah feeling
Dust to all that is
Dust until we are all at one again with transformative beautiful dust

- by Robin McGauley

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