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Robin McGauley

We Belong Together Necklace - Oak and Acorn Version

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A Blessing for Unconditional Belonging:
There is a place for you of unconditional belonging.
You may be blessed with knowing this from birth,
or you may have to name yourself a seeker
and find the kindred you long for.

When you feel alone,
free yourself from the despair of believing
that you need to betray your authenticity
in order to belong.

When you expect ease in your relationships
remind yourself that togetherness
is nurtured rather than born.

May resentment and shame never claim
the space of compassion.

May you trust wisdom’s presence
and befriend vulnerability.

When the delight of your togetherness sputters,
may you make a practice of expansive wondering
and be an affirmer of dreams.

As each new day in your life unfolds
may you experience belonging
as the ground of your becoming.

By Robin McGauley


This necklace is completely handcrafted.
It includes an oak leaf and two tiny acorns that are hand-fabricated in sterling silver. They are held within circles of belonging. 

The back of the pendant is constructed in fine silver.
23.5k gold is fused to the fine silver using a Korean technique called 'Keum Boo'. 

The pendant measures 7.7cm wide and 3.5cm tall. 

The chain is completely handmade out of sterling silver. 
It measures 17 inches long and closes with a handmade hook clasp.