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Robin McGauley

This Ancient Love - The Maiden Ring - Size 7.5

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This ring is a part of my 'This Ancient Love' collection which is inspired by the words of a hymn by Carolyn McDade that speaks of the divine feminine. Here's the first verse: 
"Long before the night was born from darkness
Long before the dawn rolled unsteady from fire
Long before she wrapped her scarlet arms around the hills
there was a love
this ancient love was born." - Carolyn McDade

I named the pieces in this collection after a specific goddess or an aspect of the divine feminine. This is ‘The Maiden’ - the archetype of the divine feminine experienced during the waxing of the moon. It’s the archetype that brings joy, innocence, enthusiasm, enchantment and the possibilities that come with new beginnings. She may be humble in size, but she bursts with an infectious delight and abounding hope. Let her joy shine through your life!

This ring, with a rainbow of colours in the opal stone, the sterling silver radiant texture and delicate details in 10 karat gold, is dainty, delightful and yet confident and expressive.

It fits a US size 7.5 

The opal stone is set in fine silver.
It measures 6mm x 4mm.
The remaining details are carefully crafted out of sterling silver and the three tiny balls are 10 karat gold.  
The band is 1.5mm wide.