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Robin McGauley

The Snail Necklace - 17.5 inch chain

The Snail Necklace - 17.5 inch chain

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The Snail reminds me to: 
be still,
go slow,
and trust the unfolding. 

And, I'm also simply fascinated by this tiny earthling creature and feel a connection with its ways of being in the natural world! 

Either way, this necklace is all about sharing the feeling of delight!

What does the Snail evoke in you? 

This necklace is hand fabricated using traditional metalsmithing techniques in my home studio in Kitchener, Ontario.

The one-of-a-kind snail pendant is a tiny sculpture forged and fused in sterling silver. 
It measures 1.8cm long, 1.8cm tall and 1.5cm at its widest point. 

The chain is completely handmade out of sterling silver. Every link is soldered shut. 
It measures 17.5 inches long. 
The chain closes with my signature hook clasp featuring my makers stamp and the phrase 'be still'. 

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