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Robin McGauley

The Queen Ring - Size 8

The Queen Ring - Size 8

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Several months ago I had a dream that I was sitting in a humble living room with Queen Elizabeth. We held hands. She told me that I’m a 'spiritual leader for the people’. Then we cried. The divine feminine showed up for me in the archetype of the Queen.

Since then, my journey has kept pulling me back to two this;
living with integrity and deepening into love.

I’m to stand in my power by being myself.
The Queen archetype, when paired with wisdom, is about empowerment.
She uses her power and influence for the well-being of others.
She knows her self worth.
She is confident and poised.
She lives from a reservoir of love that flows through her to those she serves.

If ancient beauty calls to you,
if the words integrity, dignity, service and love speak to your soul,
if your call is to empower others
then let this ring be a reminder to you to embody the archetype of the wise Queen.

There’s some Queen Esther energy in this ring as well.
Her name means ‘star’.
She invites you to reflect on this question:
Does my true self shine forth?

This ring is hand-fabricated using ancient silversmithing techniques in my home studio in Kitchener, Ontario. 
It's a US size 8. 

It features a pinky purple rose cut sapphire set in a fine silver bezel and flanked by 10 karat gold. 

The stone measures 8mm by 11mm. 
The band is 2mm wide.

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