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Robin McGauley

The Gatekeeper - Ammonite Necklace

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The spiral is a significant mystical and spiritual symbol.
It represents the reality that our connection with the divine as spiritual beings spirals inward to the space that touches the soul and outward to create change in the world from that space of divine awareness.
The spiral is never stagnant. It requires constant motion that expands, evolves and grows.
It is truly incredible to learn just how prevalent the spiral is in the world - and the universe! Planet Earth is located in the Milky Way galaxy which is the shape of a spiral.
From the placement of seeds in a sunflower, weather patterns over the ocean, the horns on a goat’s head, the cones of the white pine… look around and you begin to see spirals everywhere.

This one of a kind necklace features a high quality ammonite cabochon.
It's earthy and elegant with a gentle brown tone and beautiful spiral. This stone also has hints of blue and orange. 

Ammonites were marine animals that had a coiled external shell similar to that of the modern nautilus.

The necklace is completely are handcrafted in fine silver and sterling silver.
The pendant measures 6.7cm long and 5.2cm wide.

The pattern on the back is from the centre of the Chartres Labyrinth. 

The chain is hand fabricated in sterling silver - each link is soldered shut.
It measures 18 inches long - and can be worn as short as you like since the handmade hook claps can attach to any link on the chain.  

15% of the sale will be gifted to The Centre for Christian Studies in Winnipeg. The shape of the spiral is foundational to what they teach about spiritual leadership and the work of social change. 

I asked one of the staff members of the school to share what the spiral means to them: 

"A naturally occurring formation in DNA, unfurling fern fronds, and some forms of galaxies, the spiral describes the visual shape of a process for reflecting on learning used extensively at the Centre for Christian Studies. This process, sometimes called the Action/Reflection model or “the spiral”, celebrates the importance of the community for authentic reflection and action, the need to attend to what is going on deep within oneself while at the same time looking outward into the world, and the way that learning something new means you never quite end up in the same place as you began, once you spiral around. Spiral reflection is an activity that, at its best, can be done by anyone and is a powerful resource for groups involved in justice seeking, liberating theology, and learning in community." Lori Stewart - CCS staff


The role of 'gatekeepers' is also foundational to their understanding of spiritual leadership: 

"Doorkeeping and gatekeeping ministry focuses on the importance of welcoming at the boundary between church and world, and at the edge of each community. Robin’s choice of “Gatekeeper” for this series of jewelry invites us all into the spiritual practice of hospitality and welcome. Are we ready to open the doors wide and see who is standing on the other side? Are we ready to show how the latch works, welcome in and make introductions? Gatekeeping is a practice of opening the spiral outwards, opening our circles of community ever wider, and actively working to break down barriers of exclusion." Michelle Owens, Principal CCS