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Robin McGauley

The Crone Necklace

The Crone Necklace

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The Crone. 
She has depth of experience and wisdom to share.
She knows and celebrates her authenticity.

"“Going to seed” is yet another good phrase that has become a pejorative for growing older. “Going to seed” is a symbol of the third face of the triple goddess, and for women in the third phase of life. The three phases of our lives were seen reflected in nature, in the waxing, full and waning moon, and in the flower, fruit, and seed of vegetative life. “Going to seed” is used as a derogatory and dismissive statement. Hidden in its symbology, however, is a beautiful concept for this period of life. The seed is the bearer of information, the concentration of nutrients and essence that ensures the survival of the species. It’s the seeds of wisdom that we have and have to pass on. “Going to seed” can also describe the individuation process of getting to one’s essence, to the soul and spirit, the Self that animates us.”
- Jean Shinoda Bolen and her book 'Goddesses in Older Women’

Have you experienced the crone calling to you yet?
What particular wisdom does your life experience reveal?

This necklace is hand-fabricated using ancient silversmithing techniques in my beautiful home studio. 

It features a rose cut grey sapphire cabochon set in fine silver. 
The remaining details were carefully crafted out of sterling silver. 
The sterling silver chain is darkened with a patina and closes with my handcrafted hook clasp. 

grey sapphire
sterling silver
fine silver

The sapphire measures 10mm in diameter.
The pendant measures 16mm long by 15mm wide. 
The chain is 18 inches long. 

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