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Robin McGauley

Sophia Ring with Peach Topaz - Size 10

Sophia Ring with Peach Topaz - Size 10

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This ring is named 'Sophia' which means 'wisdom' is Greek.
In the Hebrew Bible (which is translated into Greek) God's wisdom is personified as a woman. 

"An explicit way of speaking about the mystery of God in female symbol is the biblical figure of Wisdom. This is the most developed personification of God's presence and activity in the Hebrew Scriptures. ... The biblical depiction of Wisdom is itself consistently female, casting her as sister, mother, female beloved, chef and hostess, preacher, judge, liberator, establisher of justice, and a myriad of other female roles wherein she symbolizes transcendent power ordering and delighting in the world. She pervades the world, both nature and human beings, interacting with them all to lure them along the right path to life." - Elizabeth A. Johnson, 'She Who Is: The Mystery of God in Feminist Theological Discourse'.

Wear this ring to be reminded of the ancient love from which all life came. 
Wear this ring to remember that your life is held in this divine presence. 
Wear this ring to be empowered by sacred feminine Wisdom. 

This ring is hand-fabricated using ancient silversmithing techniques in my beautiful home studio. It's my sanctuary. 

The ring features a peach topaz rose cut cabochon.
The stone is set in fine silver. 
10 karat gold surrounds the sublime stone. 
The remaining details are carefully crafted out of sterling silver. 

peach topaz
sterling silver
fine silver
10 karat gold

The ring fits a US size 10.
The face of the ring is 1.4cm x 1.5cm.
The peach topaz stone is 8mm in diameter.
The band is 4mm wide.

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