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Robin McGauley

Patience Ring with Amethyst - Size 6.5

Patience Ring with Amethyst - Size 6.5

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Patience requires a softened relationship with time.

Infused into this piece is my experience of practicing patience. Creating the quatrefoil pattern required intricate and repetitive sawing. I literally spent the whole time, hours on end, remaining focused on the task. I repeated in my mind the mantras from my meditation practice - “be patient, let go, relax, breathe, be present.”

What I learned is that patience is a practice made up of many other practices - non-judgement, awareness, compassion and acceptance. Soon, patience isn’t required because in each moment there arises a desire to appreciate, cherish, savour and, most of all, trust.

Trust the unfolding.
Trust the passage of time.
Trust that you have enough time. 
Trust that your work and what you truly enjoy in life is not a waste of time. 

My invitation for you when you wear this piece is to cultivate a patient heart. Each of the quatrefoils is unique - they were cut out by hand which gives each one its own quality and shape. Looking at each one, noticing its uniqueness and appreciating its difference - this can turn the piece of jewellery into a meditation to deepen your own loving presence. This, I have to believe, is a way each of us can contribute to a more peaceful and beautiful world.

This ring was handcrafted using traditional metalsmithing techniques in my home studio in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. 

recycled sterling silver
fine silver
rose cut amethyst

Size 6.5
The band is 1cm wide
The amethyst measures 4mm in diameter

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