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Robin McGauley

RESERVED Only Love Today Earrings

RESERVED Only Love Today Earrings

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Only love today.
This is my new favourite phrase.
I repeat it to myself when I’m being self-critical.
I used to just say “no thank you” and then try to move on.
But, when thoughts arise that I experience as harmful it’s one thing to shut them off, it’s another thing entirely to choose a different way to think.

Only love today.
Saying this to myself invites me to replace the negative thought with a loving one.
I will not bully myself.
I will love myself.

May these earrings remind you to repeat this phrase to yourself. 
"Only love today" means:
You are beautiful.
You are compassionate.
You are creative and talented and intelligent. 
You are enough.
You can rest.
You can allow and cherish your deep emotions
You are free to be you!

These earrings are hand fabricated using traditional metalsmithing techniques in my home studio in Kitchener, Ontario. 

They measure 4.6cm long and 9mm at their widest point. 

They feature tear drop Australian opals set in fine silver.
The stones measure 9mm long by 5mm wide. 

The circles with textures lines are sterling silver. 
The dot at the centre of each of the circles and the jump rings that connect the circles are 10karat gold. 

Sterling silver
Fine Silver
10 karat gold
Australian Opals

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