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Robin McGauley

Incantation Earrings

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These days, my hymns of lament have no words. 
I simply offer my soul the hope that it already knows to be true;
the nourishment of cedar,
the invitation of light,
the wholeness of the circle. 

These earrings, earthy and elegant, feature a mandala of cedar and light - tree and gold. Parts of the silver are darkened for contrast and depth. 

Cedar is one of the medicines of Indigenous peoples of Turtle Island. When settlers arrived to this land, they struggled with knowing how to survive in the harsh winter conditions. They relied on the wisdom of Indigenous peoples, including the practice of making a tea out of cedar in order to get enough vitamin c to not develop scurvy.

These earrings are a reminder of the rich knowledge and wisdom of Indigenous peoples and the need to work toward reconciliation for the sake of healing and wholeness for us all.

These earrings are handcrafted out of sterling silver, fine silver and 23.5k gold.
The cedar is not cast. It is made by fusing and carving sterling silver by hand.

The gold is applied using a Korean technique called 'keum-boo'. 

The earrings measure 2.2cm wide and approximately 3.5cm long when measured from the top of the earring hook.