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Robin McGauley

Journey Gently Earrings

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Wearable art to offer affirmation and blessing for your journey. 
I know that may way is guided by gentleness and humility. 
I walk the earth gently and honour the divinity in all beings. 
My compassion is a beacon of hope. 
My living is grounded in connection with the wholeness of the earth's abundance. 

These earrings are completely handcrafted out of fine silver, sterling silver and 23.5k gold. 

They feature ethically sourced zawadi sapphire rose cut cabochons. 

The cedar cones are hand fabricated - not cast. 

The earrings measure 2.7cm x 1.8cm. 

The gold is applied using a technique called keum-boo which involves a thin sheet is gold that is fused to fine silver using heat and pressure.