Facing North Necklace
Facing North Necklace
Facing North Necklace
Facing North Necklace

Facing North Necklace

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I stand facing North. It is the direction of snow and ice and winter and glistening beauty.
The North embraces the life that is left when all else has fallen away. It is the place of unseen growth in the inner life of soul and sparkle.
It is the direction of the old and the wise. The elders are found standing in silence together, facing away from the sun toward the beauty of the borealis. They know the transformative power of learning to walk in the dark.

I am a girl of the North. I know what it means to be humbled by the wind and shaped by the ice, to find nourishment in the evergreen and resilience in the stars.
I live my life walking in the direction of the elders. There is much to learn by facing North.

May this necklace encourage you spend some time facing North.

This necklace features a small dendritic agate, which is also known as "merlinite". It is a freeform, rosecut cabochon.
It is a beautiful white, grey and blue/green stone that measures 10 x 15 mm. (Smaller than an almond.)
The markings remind me of a forest in winter.

I made the bezel setting with quality sterling silver.
The necklace is 20 inches long and closes with a handmade hook clasp. It is adjustable by one inch at the back making the chain about 19 inches as the shortest. 

This listing is for the necklace in the first photo.


Handmade with love.