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Robin McGauley

Delight - Sapphire Earrings

Delight - Sapphire Earrings

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Delight - 
like watching an iris bloom, 
like seeing a bird gather twigs for a nest,
like hearing you laugh in the other room... 
The small miracles of the world
that make you realize,
despite your most focused
and intentional efforts
to do what's supposed to be healthy for the mind,
(like meditation)
you know how
to be still,
to contemplate wonder,
and to be dazzled. 
You know what it means 
to be both empty and full. 

These earrings are a reminder to notice and seek delight -
that life-giving mixture of beauty and joy!  
It empties the mind
and fills the heart! 

These dainty earrings feature ethically sourced plum coloured rose cut silky star sapphires. 
They are earthy and elegant, uplifting and delightful! 

The stones are set in fine silver and finished with a dainty hinge in sterling silver.
Simple yet sophisticated.

The earrings measure 1.3cm wide and 3.5cm long, measured from the top of the earring hook.  

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