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Robin McGauley

Darkness and Light Earrings

Darkness and Light Earrings

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"In the beginning there is darkness. It is the womb out of which we are born. Darkness may be the blessed dimming of ego-driven striving, a destination and condition of safety and repose. In this state of trusting refuge, the light of divine revelation, which pierces but does not castigate the darkness, may finally be seen. This is a mothering darkness that nurses its offspring." ~ Barbara A. Holmes, from her book 'Race and the Cosmos'. 

Cultural references are constantly feeding us stories and images that perpetuate the notion that light is good/holy and dark is bad/evil. Yet, the reality of our earthly experience reveals that we live surrounded by examples of how goodness comes from the dark – like seeds in the soil of spring, the renewal of our nightly sleep and insights from the intuitive space of soul.

These earrings are an invitation to embrace the importance of both light and dark.  

These handcrafted earrings feature rose cut onyx cabochons. The onyx measure 7mm in diameter. 
The onyx hang from a circle made of sterling silver, fine silver and 23.5 karat gold. The gold is applied to fine silver using a technique called 'keum boo' which basically involves heat and pressure to fuse the gold to the silver. 

The earrings measure 1.7cm wide and 4.5cm long measured from the top of the earring hook. 


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