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Robin McGauley

Cycles of Life Necklace

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I am done lamenting
that the trees stand bare,
exposed to elements that test their spirits.
The world doesn’t need my idle sorrow – my lack of trust in the cycles of life.
I want this despair to sprout hope and become our action.
How does the seed know that the dark place is its time to begin?
Maybe the seed within me knows this too.

May this necklace remind you to trust the cycles of life and to allow hope to sprout within you. 

The necklace features an oak leaf with a sprout inside of it. On the other side of the chain is a yellow sapphire rose-cut cabochon. It measures 1.1cm x 1.6cm. 

I made this necklace out of sterling silver. The stone is set in fine silver.
The necklace is 25 inches long and closes with a handmade hook clasp. 

The chain is also handmade - every link is soldered shut. 

Free shipping within Canada and to the USA. 

Handmade with love and soul as a blessing to the world.