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Robin McGauley

Cosmic Connection - Ammonite Necklace

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The spiral is a significant mystical and spiritual symbol.
It represents the reality that our connection with the divine as spiritual beings spirals inward to the space that touches the soul and outward to create change in the world from that space of divine awareness.
The spiral is never stagnant. It requires constant motion that expands, evolves and grows.
It is truly incredible to learn just how prevalent the spiral is in the world - and the universe! Planet Earth is located in the Milky Way galaxy which is the shape of a spiral.
From the shape of DNA, the placement of seeds in a sunflower, weather patterns over the ocean, the horns on a goat’s head, the cones of the white pine… look around and you begin to see spirals everywhere.

These one of a kind earrings feature high quality ammonite cabochons.
They are earthy and elegant with their gentle brown tone and beautiful spiral. Ammonites were marine animals that had a coiled external shell similar to that of the modern nautilus.

The pendant is handcrafted in fine silver and sterling silver.
It measures 3cm wide by 3cm long.
The phrase BE STILL appears on the back of the pendant.

The cord is made of leather and measures 18inches long. It fastens with a handmade hook clasp.