Coffee Bean Earrings
Coffee Bean Earrings
Coffee Bean Earrings

Coffee Bean Earrings

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It wakes us up, brings us together, slows us down and speeds us up.
It smells like home, tastes like laughter, looks like joy.
We dedicate time to it, learning about it, making it, enjoying it.
What do you love about coffee?

Coffee plays a significant role in my life. My husband has been roasting green beans for 12 years now - which makes our home smell wonderful. I love coming home to the sound of the roaster. And, the best part of my day is when my husband appears in my studio with my favourite purple mug full of all my dreams!

These earrings are hand fabricated in sterling silver. They are not cast. I made them by melting silver and then carving it into the shape of coffee beans. They measure 2cm long and 6mm wide.

Lovingly handmade.