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Robin McGauley

Compassion Earrings

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These earrings are for days when you need to ground yourself in compassion.
They are an invitation to be gentle with your transformations.

I’m going to risk being vulnerable and share that I have a strong inner critic.
It goes hand in hand with a strong desire to be self-aware and reflective - to seek to be my highest self and to learn and grow. It is absolutely exhausting though.
I’ve learned to normalize that it’s hard.

My creative process is my balm. It quiets my mind and helps me to shift the energy and focus. Yet, when my inner critic starts to pick apart my work in the studio, that’s when I have to gather up as much self-compassion as I can muster.
I have learned to keep showing up.

That’s how these earrings were created. A few weeks ago my inner critic came on strong. Knowing that self-compassion is the antidote, I wrote the word compassion on a tiny slip of paper. I put it between two silver dome shapes and decided to see what would happen if I fused them together - no solder, no neat seam - just the knowing that the silver would take on a life of its own by the gentle control of my torch. I trusted my years of experience of working with the flame.

The next day I followed my instinct to saw one open.
Honestly, the sheer DELIGHT at the shape that was revealed!!
It moved me. It inspired me! It has transformed my work.

I followed another gut feeling to drill holes and add gold.
Bits of soft elegance and rich decadence.

It feels risky to work in this way. What is coming from my hands is my truth - and it’s raw and abstract.

My deepest hope is that when you wear one of these pieces you will be reminded of being grounded in compassion, of risking and trusting and finally finding delight in your own life's unfolding.


These earrings are sterling silver and 10 karat gold. 

The measure 3.4cm long (from the top of the earring hook) and 1cm wide. 

They are completely one of a kind!