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Robin McGauley

Bee-longing Shawl Pin

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Belonging is a basic human need. 
I loved working with the image of the bee and exploring its relationships to flowers and honeycomb - nourishment and home. 
This is the bee's circle of belonging. 

The wearer of this shawl pin is invited to embody the following blessing as a gift to the world: 

A Blessing for Belonging: 

When absence becomes your companion
and the feeling that something is missing
demands your care and devotion
let yourself befriend your longing
and respond to its voice leading you home to belonging.

Nurture your courage
and expand your capacity
to share your true self generously.

Trust that you can be understood deeply
by those who take the time to listen.

Develop a practice of cherishing others.
Ask them about their dreams.
Invite them to share their joys.
Make a space for their longing to be heard.
The practice starts by doing this for yourself.

Always locate your need for nourishment
from earthy and wholesome sources.

Rest after being with others.

May you always grow in your ability to bless yourself.

- Robin McGauley


This shawl pin is completely hand crafted. 
It features a small sculptural bee that I hand-fabricated in sterling silver. 
It is on the end of the 'stick' part of the shawl pin. The length of this piece is 8cm. 

The cabochon stone is a rose cut citrine. It is set in fine silver. It measures 10mm by 6mm. 

The round part measures 5cm at its widest point by 4.6cm.