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Robin McGauley

Artemis Post Earrings

Artemis Post Earrings

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"Artemis as Goddess of the Hunt and Goddess of the Moon was a personification of an independent feminine spirit. The archetype she represents enables a woman to seek her own goals on terrain of her own choosing... Artemis the Archer could aim for any target, either near or far away, and could know that her arrows would unerringly reach their marks." - Jean Shinoda Bolen

Artemis is driven, direct and loves a challenge.
Her energy invites you into the great unfolding with courage and confidence. 
If you are seeking direction or pursuing a goal then Artemis will guide you. 
These earrings were hand fabricated using traditional metalsmithing techniques in my home studio in Kitchener, Ontario. 
They feature purple hexagon sapphire cabochons that are 8mm wide.   
The stone setting is crafted in fine silver and sterling silver.
10 karat gold sculptural element appears at the very base of the stone settings.
hexagon sapphires
fine silver
sterling silver
10 karat gold

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