Strength in Humility
Strength in Humility
Strength in Humility
Strength in Humility

Strength in Humility

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These earrings are accompanied with the following affirmation for you to offer yourself when you wear them:

Humility grounds my actions. 
I find strength and courage when my living
arises out of the space of humility within me. 
Humility guides me to be open to growth
and to possibility.
May I remain forever humble 
as I seek to gift the world with my higher self. 
May humility cultivate compassion within my life
and freedom in my soul. 

These earrings are handcrafted out of quality sterling silver and fine silver. 

The cedar branch is fabricated made by fusing sterling silver together with a torch and then carving the lines with a diamond cutter. It is not cast. 

The stones is set in fine silver. They are rose cut dendritic agate cabochons that are ethically sourced. 

The earrings measure 1.6cm at their widest point and are 4cm long. 

Lovingly handmade.